Security Workflow Automation with Generative AI

Based in Tel Aviv, Blink Ops is a cybersecurity startup offering a cloud-native platform designed to streamline and automate operational tasks for SREs, DevOps, and Developers.

Blink Ops recently unveiled their groundbreaking service, Blink Copilot. This novel software leverages generative AI to craft no-code workflows tailored for both security and IT operations. At its core, Blink Copilot integrates multiple large language models including Microsoft Cognitive Services, Google Bard, and OpenAI. These models have been enhanced using Blink’s extensive dataset of thousands of security and infrastructure workflows and numerous third-party security integrations.

Why Blink Copilot?

  • Ease of Use: Users can prompt the system with simple text commands to automate any security workflow.
  • First of Its Kind: Blink Ops claims that their service, Blink Copilot, is unparalleled in the market in terms of automating security workflows.
  • Time-Efficient: The software substantially reduces the time and effort conventionally required to automate security tasks.
  • Versatility: Users have the liberty to customize their workflows with an intuitive drag-and-drop editor.
  • Extensive Automation Library: Over 7,000 pre-constructed automated workflows cater to common security tasks.
  • Integration Capabilities: The platform boasts an integration hub to sync with other security tools and a potent workflow engine to run automated processes at scale, spanning on-premises and cloud settings.

The Backstory:

Founded in 2021, Blink Ops recognized the pressing need for enhanced workflow automation among security teams. Observing the transformative impact of low-code platforms on business operations such as CRM and marketing, they anticipated a similar revolution for security workflows. Recent innovations in large language models and generative AI propelled their mission, culminating in the launch of Blink Copilot – a pioneer in generative AI for security workflow automation.

The Current Landscape:

The 2022 (ISC)² Cybersecurity Workforce Study highlighted the concerning shortage of skilled security operators, with over 3.4 million open positions in security. Coupled with the escalating cost of cybersecurity breaches in the same year, the demand for automated solutions in the realm of security has never been greater.

Empowering Security Teams:

Blink Copilot’s generative AI empowers security teams to construct any workflow, irrespective of its complexity, without the need to code or possess expertise in target applications. By enabling teams to build no-code, low-code, or coded security automation using generative AI, Blink Copilot fills the vacuum created by the existing skills gap in the market.

Applications of Blink Copilot:

The platform equips security teams to automate tasks beyond the Security Operations Center (SOC), covering areas such as:

  • Incident Response
  • Cloud Security
  • IT & SaaS Security
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Governance, Risk & Compliance

Platform Features:
The Blink platform is furnished with robust features, such as:

  • Blink Copilot: An innovative AI system for automating security workflows.
  • Low-Code Editor: A user-friendly interface to customize workflow automations.
  • Automation Library: Over 7,000 pre-made security workflow automations.
  • Self-Service Portal: A hub to access automated workflows, also available via Slack/Microsoft Teams apps.
  • Enterprise-Ready: Blink is designed for enterprise security teams, providing features like secure workspaces and multi-tenant support.

Security Compliance:
Blink upholds the gold standard of industry security norms, with compliance to SOC 2 Type 2, GDPR, and ISO 27001.


Blink Copilot is set to redefine the automation landscape for security teams. With its innovative features and generative AI capabilities, it offers security teams an unmatched tool to automate their workflows, bolster their defenses, and achieve operational excellence.

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