Tailoring Emotion through AI-Crafted Melodies

Primary Use is an advanced AI music generation tool that creates custom music aligned with your video’s mood. With 16 distinct moods, like motivational, triumphant, and dreamy, it seamlessly provides emotional soundtracks for every part of your video.

Beyond generating music, lets you incorporate various instruments, ensuring authentic and captivating compositions. You can choose which instruments to include, exclude, or emphasize, shaping your tracks. The tool offers a lifetime license for all soundtracks, enabling reuse. offers deep customization. It generates five alternative compositions using advanced music theory, giving you a range of options to refine your tracks. Industry-standard mixing and mastering techniques guarantee a fresh auditory experience.

No musical expertise is needed with Craft captivating melodies for videos or podcasts effortlessly. Elevate your content with mood-based, tailor-made music that engages your audience emotionally.

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