Astria is an AI-driven platform specializing in image generation and customized AI solutions that was founded in November 2022. With a focus on both B2B models and serving a small team of 1-10 employees in the R&D stage, Astria aims to revolutionize various aspects of business through AI technology.

Custom Image Generation – 

Astria’s image generation platform enables users to create custom images effortlessly. It incorporates generative imaging AI combined with user-defined concepts, providing precision tools to align with unique requirements.

Features include:

  • Video Production: Users can create video art and clips using Astria Video, allowing fine-tuning and text-prompt transitions between images.
  • Product Shots: Enables attractive visuals for products.
  • Concept Art: Allows the realization of specific concepts with augmented creativity.
  • Generative Art: By using Stable Diffusion, an advanced text-to-image model, it ensures high-quality visual outputs.
  • API Access: Offers an API for further customization and integration.
  • Support Resources: Includes a how-to guide, examples, FAQs, and a PROs corner.

Customized AI Solutions for Enterprise – 

Apart from image generation, Astria also provides tailored AI solutions to enhance business operations and growth.

Solutions include:

  • Effortless RFP/Grant Writing and Submission: Specifically designed for civil federal and state contractors, Astria’s automated system simplifies the grant application process, compliance, and submission.
  • Personalized AI Team Member Creation: Astria’s technology allows businesses to create customized AI team members, like paralegals, recruiters, or consultants, tailored to their specific needs.
  • DoD RFP Management Solution: Aids in managing and winning DoD contracts under $30 million, streamlining the bidding process.
  • Unified AI-Powered Communications: Astria’s system centralizes and streamlines communication across an organization’s departments, fostering collaboration and informed decision-making.

Astria’s portfolio extends across different domains, such as film production marketing, legal services, and enterprise marketing. Detailed use cases can be found on their website.


Astria stands out as a multifaceted platform that merges AI with creativity and customized business solutions. Its capabilities in generating unique visual content and offering specialized enterprise solutions reflect a commitment to innovation and customization. 

With its wide array of features and applications, Astria aims to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and provide new avenues for creative expression.

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