Redefining Search, One Conversation at a Time

Primary Use

Andi is a conversational search engine powered by generative AI, offering users answers to their questions in a personalized and conversational manner. Unlike traditional search engines, Andi prioritizes providing accurate responses instead of merely providing links. 

It boasts a friendly chatbot interface that allows users to type in queries and receive answers in a natural conversation style. Additionally, it offers features like a commands guide, the option to set it as the default search, and information about its release status.

The aim of Andi is to offer users an efficient and effective search experience through its innovative approach. Developed with care by the Andi team, the search engine is available for free at and emphasizes a trustworthy and privacy-focused experience. 

Unlike many search engines, Andi does not feature ads or privacy invasions. This focus on a conversational interface allows users to progressively reveal information, creating a user-friendly and helpful platform.

Andi stands out as a startup search engine that specializes in generative question answering. It was providing this conversational search experience before other major players like Bing and Google adopted similar approaches. 

Operating with an index of 30,000 high-quality websites, Andi generates results through a combination of generative AI, semantic search technology, and live data. This approach distinguishes it from traditional search engines that rely on displaying links as results.

Andi describes itself as a unique AI search chatbot that aims to offer accuracy, privacy, and ad-free functionality. It leverages generative AI and language models along with real-time data to provide factually correct answers, explanations, and summaries sourced from reliable information. 

The search chatbot interface aims to simplify information retrieval and protect users from the intrusion of ads and the distractions associated with traditional search engines.

In summary, Andi is a conversational search engine that leverages generative AI and live data to provide users with accurate and insightful answers to their queries. With its user-friendly chatbot interface, ad-free model, and privacy focus, Andi reimagines the search experience by delivering knowledge efficiently and effectively.

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