Altered Studio: AI-Powered Voice Transformation Tool

Altered Studio is a state-of-the-art AI voice changing software, allowing users to customize their voice into any AI-generated voice from its wide portfolio. Not only can users choose from predefined voices, but they can also create custom voices tailored to their needs. This cutting-edge solution is trusted by renowned media studios including Rebound Sound Company, Rev Rooms, Gimlet, War-Gaming, Sweetjustice Sound, Ninja Theory, and Neon Giant.

How It Works: Utilizing advanced AI technologies, Altered Studio understands the subtleties of the user’s voice. This enables the software to reproduce a spectrum of realistic voices, along with custom voices that resonate with individual creative aspirations. Operating this software is user-friendly: users record their voice, select the desired transformation, and the AI handles the rest.

Key Features:

  • High-Quality Voice Alteration: Users can transform their voices into a variety of AI-generated voices or even craft custom voices for distinct performances.
  • Industry Trust: Preferred by top-tier studios such as Gimlet, Rev Rooms, and Rebound Sound Company.
  • Optimized User Experience: With the use of cookies, the software ensures personalized content, enhanced user interactions, and integration of social media features.
  • Applications:
  • Voice Actors: Can diversify their voice outputs without straining their vocal cords.
  • Media Studios: Achieve high-quality audio outputs by integrating AI-altered voices.
  • Content Creators: Add entertaining and unique voiceovers to their content to captivate audiences.
  • Solving the Creative Challenge: Altered Studio addresses a significant challenge in the media industry. For those struggling to secure the right voice talent or looking to diversify their content, Altered Studio provides an all-encompassing solution. The AI capabilities ensure top-notch voice performance without any compromise on originality or quality.

Pricing & Availability: 

Altered Studio provides a range of affordable pricing plans, ensuring it’s accessible for individual creators to established media houses. More details about the pricing structures can be found on their official website, with the option to initiate a free trial.

User Data & Privacy: 

The platform uses cookies to enhance the user experience. These cookies serve various purposes: from essential functionalities, remembering user preferences, analyzing user interactions for improvement, to tracking user behavior for targeted marketing. Some cookies’ exact functions remain unspecified.


Whether you are a content creator aiming to diversify your voice content, a media studio looking for varied voice talent, or simply intrigued by AI voice alteration, Altered Studio stands as an unmatched solution in the realm of voice transformation.

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