AI Course Creator 

Crafting Courses, Simplified

Primary Use

The digital age presents the need for quick and efficient online course creation. Mini Course Generator offers a novel solution with its AI Course Creator, which is designed to streamline the process of generating mini-courses tailored to educators’ and content creators’ needs.

Main Features:

  • Intuitive AI Assistance: At its core, the tool uses AI to suggest titles and course outlines based solely on a provided description. This ensures the course aligns closely with the vision and target audience of the user.
  • Personalization: After generating a basic framework, users have the autonomy to edit and further customize their course by incorporating questions, images, videos, and personalized completions.
  • Interactive Features: To enhance user engagement, the platform allows for the addition of quizzes, surveys, and feedback mechanisms. This interactivity is designed to keep students captivated and motivated.
  • Versatile Sharing Options: The platform provides multiple avenues for sharing the content, from embedding on webpages to customizable links. Depending on the goal – whether educational or marketing – users can employ sign-up walls to collect emails, password walls for exclusive content, or even monetize their courses using a payment gateway like Stripe.
  • Mobile-Friendly: Recognizing the increasing mobile engagement trend, courses created are optimized for mobile use, ensuring a seamless learning experience across devices.
  • Visual Appeal: AI assists in generating relevant images for each course card, negating the need to search for appropriate visuals. This creates a visually engaging narrative throughout the course.
  • Comprehensive Control: The entire course creation journey, from selecting titles to outlining content, remains under the user’s control, ensuring the final product mirrors their initial vision.

How It Works:

  • Describe the Vision: Begin by feeding the AI with essential details like profession, target audience, and a brief about the course.
  • Title Generation: Based on the provided description, the AI suggests potential titles. These can be used as-is, edited, or created from scratch.
  • Outline Creation: The AI then crafts an outline complete with headers and sub-headers. Users can approve, rearrange, edit, or supplement with their content.
  • Image Stylization: For every course card, the AI suggests relevant visuals, adding vibrancy to the content.
  • Complete the Course: Using the user’s inputs and AI’s suggestions, a comprehensive course is crafted. To further enrich the content, embeddable media like videos and images can be added.
  • Engagement Tools: Enhance student interaction by incorporating quizzes, surveys, and feedback questions.

Summary –

The AI Course Creator by Mini Course Generator, also known as Coursebox, is revolutionizing the realm of eLearning. By combining AI’s efficiency with human creativity, it offers a holistic platform to create, edit, and share bespoke mini-courses.

For those aiming to captivate students with engaging content or monetize their expertise, this platform is an invaluable asset.

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