The Creatives Hour is a one-stop destination for finding tools, inspiration, and advice for creatives.

We believe that every single person is creative. However, the big challenge is to develop the habits and skills that help us connect to our creative side.

The Creatives Hour believes in finding that one hour in your day to do something creative. Now, this could be bullet journaling for some and cooking for others. On this blog, you will find ideas and inspiration for all types of creative activities like DIY Crafts and Home Decor Projects.

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If you’re not sure about which creative hobby or skill you want to pick up, I recommend you start with doodling. Creating one doodle every day is the simplest way to learn a new skill and get the creative side of your brain working.

150 Step-by-Step Doodles Of Everything You Can Imagine

Learning how to doodle is super fun and easy. Once you know how to create these simple doodles, they open up limitless ways to get creative.

You can use doodles in your art journal, in your monthly bullet journal theme, in hand-made greeting cards, and even pair them up with your favorite quotes and put them up as wall decor in your room!