About Me | Shreya Dalela

My love affair with the arts began in Grade 3.

While other kids played outside, I was captivated by the magic of paintbrush strokes, thanks to painting classes with my mom. The rhythm of classical dance soon followed, and I was hooked.

Always the curious student, I consistently topped my class. This academic drive led me to NIT Silchar, a prestigious engineering college nestled in the serene landscapes of Assam. But amidst the equations and theories, my heart yearned for a different kind of expression.

It was during these college years that I stumbled upon Photoshop. The thrill of transforming ideas into digital designs was exhilarating. This newfound passion birthed ‘Speaking Walls’, where I turned digital dreams into tangible wall art.

Post-college, I stepped into the corporate maze. But just 20 days in, I realized it wasn’t my path. I pivoted to content marketing and freelance, carving a niche for myself in the digital realm.

While my professional journey evolved, I never abandoned my artistic pursuits.

From art journaling and calligraphy to lettering, I dabbled and delighted in them all.

Dance has been another love of mine. From Jazz and Ballet to Contemporary and Heels, I’ve danced it all. I even started ‘She Soulful’, a community where women come together to dance and find balance through Yoga.

💌 The Creatives Hour & Beyond

With ‘The Creatives Hour’, I have a simple mission: to inspire everyone to embrace their creative side. I believe that dedicating just an hour a day to what you love can lead to incredible things. From a hobby to a full-time passion, it’s all possible.

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Join Me in Crafting a Creative Life
From DIY crafts to home decor, from the first brush stroke to the final dance move, I’m here to share, inspire, and journey with you. Let’s make every creative ‘hour’ count, turning it into a fulfilling creative ‘life’.